ANSWER KEY 2 – Grammar Bank – Student Book page 125


a)  1- She listens to the radio.                  6- The shops close at 5.00

2- we live in a flat.                                     7- He goes to the pub.

3- He has two children.                             8- She does housework

4- They don’t drink coffee.

5- My father doesn’t smoke.

b) 1- reads          2- doesn’t have           3- speak         4- don’t eat          5- drives

6- don’t play         7- doesn’t do         8- studies


a)  1- Do      2- Does      3- Does         4- Do         5- Do       6- Do     7- Does     8- Do

b) 1- Do you drink coffee?              2- Does your brother work?

3- Where do you work?                  4- What music does she like?

5- What newspaper do you read?      6- Do you go to the cinema?

7- Does your father watch sport on TV?         8- Does your mother wear glasses?


a) 1- Jane’s cat           2- my mother’s car           3- my wife’s sister       4- my friend’s flat

5- Daniel’s brother       6- his father’s company      7- the policeman’s wife

8- your sister’s homework

b)  1- My brother‘s a lawyer. He‘s 24. He works for BP.

2- He lives in Paris with his three children. He has two boys and a girl.

3- My brother‘s wife‘s name is Pauline. She‘s a teacher.

4- Pauline‘s parents live in Paris too. My brother likes Pauline’s mother but not her father.

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